Try adding one or more of these popular inflatables to your Knockerball party and make it Spectacular!

Battle Zone

Throughout history, a jousting beam, in one form or another, has provided wild entertainment and competition for thousands of fans and competitors alike! Now for the first time ever, you have both the thrill of battling your opponent from great heights with the safety of falling on our air bag system. It starts off with families and friends combating one another, but by the end of the day, it has become a free-for-all with everyone wanting to take down the King-of-the-Hill.

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Leaps and Bounds

Have you ever wanted to try your Ninja or Leap Frog skills? Well, have we got some giant balls to show you! With the Leaps & Bounds interactive course you're going to get your chance. This game features a series of four giant inflatable balls which challengers must leap across to reach the other side. Climb up the ladder on one of the side platforms high above the biggest ball pit you've ever seen. Then try to cross the course by leaping from ball to ball like a frog or running across the giant balls to make it to the other side! But don't worry if you fall off, this floor of the pit protected by our super-soft landing cushion featuring air bag technology.

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Wrecking Ball

Get ready to test your agility! Four players climb atop their foam pads. One of the players grabs the "Wrecking Ball" and hurls it at their opponent in an attempt to knock the player off of their pad. As the Wrecking Ball swings back, try and grab it! The player, who grabs it first, then hurls it at another player, trying to knock that player off. The last player standing is the champion.

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Rolling Hills Track and Zorb Balls

Competition Zorb Ball rental is the absolute funniest and funnest party event rental. Both for participants and crowd watching. School PTA & PTO fundraiser inflatable rental of choice. Competition zorb ball rentals earn the most money at fundraisers. Additionally most popular inflatable rental at your next company picnic or team building workshop. Very few experience in life compare to playing in a zorb ball. Renting zorb balls will make your event memorable. Additionally fun birthday party rental provide you have the space. Licensed and insured, relax and let Premier Inflatables take care of all entertainment for your next event.

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Bungee Run

Get ready for the race of your life! With this 2-lane bungee run inflatable, you and your opponent sprint for the lead, only to be snapped back at the last second by a powerful bungee cord! Who will master the challenge and reach the end of the Bungee Run first? The trick is: run fast enough to get ahead, but not so fast the bungee brings you back to the start in the blink of an eye. Ready? Set? Go!

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